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Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

What you see in your outside reality – the circumstances and situations in your life – is a reflection of what you focus on in your internal reality – your thoughts and feelings.

Everything you view externally, is a carbon-copy of some internal part of you. If you live in a hurried, quick-paced world, then internally you live there too. Your thoughts are will be like your hurried world, fast-paced and quick believing ‘I never have enough time’ and ‘If it wasn’t for the last minute I’d never get anything done’.

If you live in a calm and peaceful world, then internally you live there too. Your thoughts will be like your chilled-out and calming world believing ‘I’ve always got enough time for the important things in my life’ and ‘I’ve got this’.

You are always painting a picture in your extremal world, with the thoughts you choose to allow in your mind, in your internal world. Your thoughts are constantly attracting the people, events and situations into your life.

Like an architect, if you want to add or take away from your external reality, you must first change the something about your internal reality – some thought you’re focusing on. Anything you want to add-to or take-from your external reality must be added-to or taken-from your thoughts and mind, otherwise no exterior changes will result.

Do you want to understand more about your internal reality? Simply look at your external world – it’s always reflecting to you your beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

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