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Making A Positive Impact | Laura McDonald

Tell me, how did you first hear about Carly & People Realm?

Carly was referred to me through a coach I was working with and we connected straight away.  Carly has this really cool, positive energy that you can’t help feel drawn to. 

Her passion for bringing out the best in you makes you believe you can do anything! 

Was there any particular occasion or event you wanted her help with from the presentation training?

I was asked to speak on our quarterly Women in Leadership Panel around Health and Wellbeing. 

It’s live streamed to 1,500 people around the country so you can imagine; I was pretty petrified! 

Engaging with Carly as my coach was the best thing I could ever have done to help me prepare for the presentation and deliver my key messages. 

Our coaching sessions focused on key communication areas from style and tone of language to body language. It was really insightful. 

My coaching sessions with Carly also helped me prepare for my end of year review at work. She helped me adapt my communication style to ensure I matched my manager’s personality style and communication preferences. 

The results were exactly what I wanted to achieve. I’m very proud to say I got the promotion I was hoping for because I was able to key my points across with greater confidence and clarity. 

How did your first presentation or public speaking event go after your training?

Speaking on the panel about endometriosis and the endometriosis support group I’ve co-established, I gave myself and others a voice at a national level. It allowed me to tell our story which has since invoked deeper empathy and understanding from our colleagues. Making a positive impact; not just for myself but for others, makes me feel like I’m making a real difference which is hugely rewarding!

Carly’s coaching helped me set the right tone and make this particular topic interesting, engaging as well as enlightening and being able to do this so effectively is incredibly empowering.

Going into my review meeting and communicating with such confidence and clarity I felt far more at ease and empowered than I normally would.  Stepping out of your comfort zone takes courage and I felt less fear and more self belief armed with my new set of communication skills. 

What has been the ripple effect from that training?

It has allowed us to open up about a topic (endometriosis) that is normally reserved for your doctor or family and has allowed us to be more brave and authentic. 

We feel heard and seen and that alone is so special.  Carly was a huge part of what has made such a positive impact  for us and we have found our true, authentic voice. 

We know we’re creating a better future for everyone involved.  What could be better?

Tell me a bit about how the coaching sessions are run with Carly online as you’re based in Auckland?

Carly is so organised! 

Before the sessions you are fully prepared with resources and what the sessions cover.  I had one session in May and then another in June and you get exercises to do in between each session.  You get so much out of the hour because you’ve done your homework and it’s super, super practical but so powerful. 

How does understanding your own unique key strengths help you thrive personally and/or professionally? 

Working with Carly you are able to identify your key strengths; what makes you stand out so you can reach your full potential.  

She shows you by embracing your own talents and strengths how empowering that is for your own personal growth and development. Look what I’ve achieved so far working with Carly!

We need diversity where everyone is playing to their own strengths and creating an environment where we’re all winning. 

What were some of your talents you wanted others to see in you most?

I wanted others to know I knew what I was talking about and how important it was to be heard around endometriosis.  

Carly made sure I wasn’t a “deer in headlights” during such an important presentation so she prepared me with lots and lots of questions, and I mean a lot of questions so I wouldn’t be thrown off during the presentation.  

She literally thought of everything.  We had lots of practice and role play which certainly calmed the nerves before the big day.

Have you noticed a ripple effect professionally and personally from your coaching? 

The ripple effect has been instrumental for progressing our internal endometriosis support group.  

New women coming into our workplace are immediately supported and we’re able to continue sending positive messages in a clear and effective way. 

We’re able to adapt our communication style depending on who we are communicating with to allow us to get a positive outcome for all.  

It feels like we have a clear purpose and meaning and with our support system in place we’re continuing to make a positive impact across our workplace and beyond. 

Tell me what have been some of the key takeaways from your presentation training and coaching from Carly? 

The reality is we’re making a real difference. Everyday interactions continue to make a powerful and positive impact. 

Carly has a real gift and I’m very happy that she shared that gift and her passion for bringing out the best in people with me. 

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