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The Future Is Bright & Clear | Wendy Bevins

How did you hear about Carly and People Realm?

I was talking to a friend of mine at work about my next career move and the “where to from here” and she recommended Carly. 

It started with an introduction session on my own for around 4.5 hours and from there you normally have 6 coaching sessions but we knocked it out in 3. You could say that’s the benefit of working with someone as awesome as Carly. 

My objective was to really gain insights and clarity around what I wanted to do career wise so having the opportunity to have coaching with Carly one on one helped me narrow it down. Thank goodness.

What do you think the “before and after effect” has been?

So you follow a process where Carly helps you identify your top strengths and I suppose really how you can better understand where your own path lies around those strengths.  It takes away the “what if” and all the noise that comes with that. 

I’ve also been career minded and I know I have the brain to do it but after having 4 children in quite quick succession I wanted and needed to really start planning for my own career path.  

I love working and have always worked part-time since having the kids but there is this inner drive to reach my own full potential work wise as well; a real burning desire to achieve.

I’m lucky my employer is big on personal development so after Carly’s coaching I am absolutely thrilled to say I know a lot more about me than I did before I started and that’s given me a huge confidence boost in my own abilities and my future. 

I’ve been able to work out that I love working within larger companies and now I know where I’m best suited. What a wonderful relief! I don’t feel confused about what the future looks like and now the path is clear, which is so powerful for my own personal development and future. 

So what happens now?

With a greater sense of purpose and clarity I have moved into a new role. How awesome is that?  

This role is project based and it’s really cool.  It’s challenging which I love and I still have flexibility but I’m really enjoying it and how it’s stretching me in all the right ways. I’m exposed to different situations and people which keeps me on my toes and makes the role extremely interesting.  

Overall my coaching with Carly has removed all those big question marks and replaced them with the answers I was so desperately searching for. 

3 Standouts?

  • Enabled me to narrow down exactly what I want to do now career wise and removed all the confusing “noise” and options that I was trying to figure out.  I know what it is I want to do now and even better; what my purpose is
  • It’s given me a greater sense of self confidence
  • I feel validated around what my strengths have to offer myself and my bigger circle.  How good does that feel!

Carly just has this natural gift to draw out the best of you and of course, she’s heaps of fun! 

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