If you’re keen to grow, we’re keen to help you. Whether you’re a business leader looking for leadership development or an individual wanting to make changes in your life, we have a coach, and a coaching programme, that’s right for you.


“Since working with Carly at People Realm
we have already seen an increase of 14% profit.
Thank you for helping me
and the team achieve our goals”.

CEO – Tauranga Law Firm


“Through your one-on-one coaching and support I’ve been able to develop a strong presence at the front of the room. I am more engaging with my audience. I’ve crafted really good presentations to the board and the organisation.”

CEO – Global Health Company



“I loved the process and learnt a lot about
myself. I reference strengths a lot – if I’m
stressed, stuck, working through
challenges or facing new ones.”

Team Leader – Classic Builders


We bring the latest research from neuroscience together with positive psychology to develop leadership capability and facilitate personal growth through powerful and insightful coaching conversations. We can tailor a coaching programme for your needs.

Our most popular coaching programmes are:


Are you looking for a change of direction, but not sure what that direction might be?
Do you have a specific goal you’re working towards, but need help to develop a plan?
Are you keen to make positive changes in your life, but need someone to help you stay motivated and accountable?

Our Core Results Coaching Programme is specifically designed to help you gain clarity and confidence to achieve your goals.


Are you keen to identify what you’re really good at, so that you can work to your strengths and maximise opportunities?
Would you like to understand why some activities motivate you and others leave you feeling frustrated or bored?

Our Discover Your Strengths Coaching Programme is specifically designed to help you gain clarity around your key strengths and help you understand why you work the way you do.


Are you feeling like you haven’t quite landed on what you want to be when you grow up?
Would you like clarity to understand what drives you, what motivates you and what energises you in work?

Our Love Your Work Coaching Programme has been designed to support you in discovering and clarifying what meaningful work looks like uniquely for you.


Are you looking to grow and develop your effectiveness as a leader?
Would you like develop your own authentic leadership style so that you’re more engaging and inspiring?
Do you want support to create change in your company and to have someone partner with you as a sounding board?

Our Leadership Development Coaching Programme will be designed specifically to your needs and the results you would like to achieve.


Have you got a big presentation coming up and want to feel more confident that you’ll ace it?
Would you like to increase your effectiveness and influence as a public speaker?

Our Presentation and Public Speaking Coaching Programme will be tailored to your specific goals and outcomes and focus on building your capability and confidence in public speaking.

Carly Shorter

Executive Coach and Trainer
Mob. 027 235 9575
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Carly is an experienced coach and talented trainer, who is passionate about helping clients create positive change in their life and work. Her energy and enthusiasm are inspiring, and you can’t help but get excited when she’s around.

With a background in broadcasting, Carly has a special interest in communication, public speaking and presenting, and loves working with people to hone their communication skills. Her experience as a National Sales Manager means she has a hands-on understanding of what it means to lead people, influence others and drive team performance.

If you’re looking for a coach or trainer who is energetic and strengths focused, Carly is your go-to person.


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