We're passionate about delivering real results in an engaging way, and we have extensive experience working across the corporate, local business, local government and community sectors.


Carly Shorter

Executive Coach and Trainer
Mob. 027 235 9575
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Carly is an experienced coach and talented trainer, who is passionate about helping clients create positive change in their life and work. Her energy and enthusiasm are inspiring, and you can’t help but get excited when she’s around.

With a background in broadcasting, Carly has a special interest in communication, public speaking and presenting, and loves working with people to hone their communication skills. Her experience as a National Sales Manager means she has a hands-on understanding of what it means to lead people, influence others and drive team performance.

If you’re looking for a coach or trainer who is energetic and strengths focused, Carly is your go-to person.


Positivity | WOO | Communication | Achiever | Focus

Vanessa Davey

Coach and Facilitator 
Mob. 027 569 6963
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Vanessa is an exceptional coach and consultant, who is passionate about supporting leaders to find clarity and take action. She has the unique ability to help people find focus using simple yet powerful questions and carefully developed processes.

Having spent the last twenty years launching, building, and selling businesses, Vanessa knows how important it is for leaders to work to their strengths and engage their people. She loves working with leaders who are keen to dig under the surface and get to work on the things that matter most.

If you’re looking for a coach or consultant who knows leadership development inside out, Vanessa is your go-to person.


Relator | Activator | Learner | Strategic | Maximiser

Kerri Price

Facilitator, Trainer and Coach
Mob. 021 439 499
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Kerri is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator, who is passionate about supporting clients to move forward—and move forward fast. Her mind works at 100 miles an hour, so she can quickly see what’s holding you up and will work with you to find a solution.

With nearly twenty years experience in the training and facilitation field, Kerri has worked with organisations of every size and scale. From small businesses to multi-national organisations; from local government to grassroots community groups—Kerri has supported a diverse range of clients to find clarity, overcome obstacles and shift their thinking.

If you’re looking for a coach or facilitator to help you overcome obstacles and map a way forward, Kerri is your go-to person.


Strategic| Maximiser | Achiever | Relator | Positivity

We Believe.

As a leader you have the greatest influence and impact in your organisation.

For things to change you must change. All change must be championed by the leadership team for it to stick.


If you want your organisation to thrive, you need to support your people to thrive also.

Your people want to do great work and be part of a making a difference. Learning and development is essential to engage your team.


Your business issues are people issues.

Your people are the true drivers of innovation and ongoing success. When everyone is working to their strengths, you will see an increase in productivity, enjoyment and engagement.

We Value.

Being Real

We believe in being authentic, so with us, what you see is what you get. We don’t pretend to be something we’re not, and we don’t expect you too either. We want you to tell it like it is, so that we can get to the heart of how we can help. No fluff and jargon, just real conversations about things that matter to you.


Making a Difference

When you work with us, we believe it’s important that you see real results and achieve tangible outcomes. It’s not enough for our work to be interesting, it needs to create an impact for you, your team and your business.


Being Generous

Delivering real value to our clients is part of what makes us world-class. We constantly strive to give our clients exceptional service, which delivers more than they bargained for. We want you to leave feeling full to the brim, knowing you got more than your money’s worth.



To provide world-class people development opportunities.


New Zealand is filled with values-driven people who feel supported to create meaningful change in their world.


More than just content experts, we are experienced trainers and facilitators who can connect the content to your people in a way that creates real change.